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Since 2012 our U.S. business partner, licensed in California, originated $100+ million of hard money loans


  • Net return 8-10% per annum in USD
  • Term 12-18 months
  • Collateral - property lien in California, USA
  • Loan-To-Value ratio equals to 60%, max 70%
  • Initial investment $500 000
  • No management fee
  • Succes fee 20%
  • Reporting by fund administrator 

PRINCIPAL PROTECTED FIXED INCOME are short-term lending instruments secured by the value of property located in California, USA (Hard Money Loans). This type of loan is often a tool for house flippers or real estate developers whose goal is to renovate or develop a property, then sell it for a profit. All loans are secured by property, not borrower's creditworthiness. Loan-To-Value ratio does not exceed 70%.


All loans are originated and serviced by our business partner in US with appropriate license. Property appraisal is performed by independent licensed appraiser. Even if market drops by 30-40% the investor's capital is protected. Escrow accounts in US banks are employed for loan distribution. The Fund can approve every deal, and collaterized property has transparent track record.