Strategy seeks to exploit pricing inefficiencies that may occur before, during or after event 

30/11/2016 - OPEC meeting

OPEC meeting will take place in Vienna.

The meeting outcome might result in oil price change.

We suggest investors to make a bet on oil price change.

Investment of $98,780 for 20 days - profit $123,320.

04/12/2016 - Italian constitutional referendum

Many analytics forecast that negative result could lead to EU disintegration.

As result price indicies in Itlay and worldwide might change.

We suggest investors to make a bet on FTSE MIB. 

Investment of €70,419 for 22 days - profit €62,750.

08/11/2016 - US president elections

Two candidates have different views on many issues.

Either candidate wins election will result in dramatic change in prices of assets and indicies.

We suggest investors to make a bet on USD/MXN. 

Investment of $62,500 for 9 days - profit $142,500.

23/06/2016 - United Kingdom European Union membership referendum (BREXIT)

The referendum outcome needs Parliments approval to become official. 

However UK government should act in line with final vote.

We suggest investors to make a bet on USD/GBP. 

Investment of £82,760 for 38 days - profit £48,240.