• Capital maintenance and income generation over a short time period

  • Active portfolio management using machine-learning models

  • Exploitation of short-term market efficiencies to increase alpha

  • Diversification based on various segments of global markets


Our focus on algorithmic trading is based on two trends: the global popularity of automated trading technology and increasing competition among fund managers. Simargl Capital believes that being at the forefront of modern trends in the asset management industry is mandatory to successfully identify the most dependable and profitable strategies for our clients. We cooperate with some of the best specialists in algorithmic trading.

Simargl Capital currently has three teams devoted to developing and launching various trading strategies. However, we are constantly searching for new teams and talented individuals to expand our opportunities.

Each team exploits independent trading strategies. Simargl Capital’s platform provides access to funding, technology, market data, advanced risk management and reporting systems, compliance processes and other resources that make trading more successful.

We use in-house trading robots integrated with co-location of exchanges and brokers.